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Animal Crossing contest winners

Dant Rambo

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Greetings, Internet friends.

A little over a week ago we announced an Animal Crossing contest, wherein we challenged people to create the best Runner2 or BIT.TRIP-themed room known to man. We loved every single entry we received, which made picking a winner no easy feat. In the end, however, we ultimately decided on an entry from a fellow named Federico:

We love it. We are in love with it. If it were possible for a company to marry a digital image, we just might do so with the one above. 

But really, as far as we're concerned, every entry was a winner (which is why the word is pluralized in the title of this post!), and those who submitted a room design should check their inboxes after reading this. There just might be a surprise waiting for you! And if you entered by posting a comment to our original post on here, email me at info [at] gaijingames [dot] com!.

Here are the rest of the entries, in all their JPEG-y glory:

Reddit user Tuffybunny13's entry commenter Neato's entry commenter 8bit.chelle's entry

Facebook friend Noti's entry

Thanks to everyone who entered!



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