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European Release Date
Hang in There...

Hey all you European gamers!

We wanted to post about the European releases of Runner2. Here's what we know so far:

  • Steam - The PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Runner2 are currently available worldwide
  • Wii U - Coming to all of Europe HOPEFULLY in mid-April, but we don't have anything 100% concrete yet
  • XBLA - Currently available in all of Europe, except Germany. Germany should be released in May or June
  • PSN - Should be available alongside the US release on 3/5, except for in Germany, which will follow in May or June

We understand that a lot of European gamers are looking forward to this game and are having a hard time waiting for it. Many of you are asking why the release is delayed.

The European release is delayed because to release in Europe, there are several rating agencies, like the ESRB here in the US that require that games be rated prior to release. The ratings process took quite a bit longer on Runner2 than we had previously experienced. Because of this, we are only now starting to submit our European versions to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. 

Please be patient and know that the game is DEFINITELY coming. We will updte this forum post as we get more concrete dates.

Is the reason for the Wii U

Is the reason for the Wii U delay is that Nintendo Europe is headquartered in Germany?
Which is where the other versions are all delayed.  PEGI have rated for Europe (excluding Germany).

Or are we looking at a release schedule patchup by Nintendo?


Launching this week in the EU or even just UK would have been perfect, a shining light in a games drought.  Sadly next week other games are coming and this golden opportunity to pick up all those extra gamer sales with it.  I know you guys didn't drop the ball and it's nice of you to cover for Nintendo of Europe being in a country that has issues with Video games.  But really it's things like this that cost game devs sales and goodwill in the eyes of the general public.

Re: European Release Date

Hello. I was interested in getting Runner 2 from the Australian XBLA marketplace, but it's not there yet. Is the release date the same as for Germany?


Hm... This is a good question. I'll have to check with Aksys Games on this one and get back to you on Monday.

Mid April? Oh man. That's

Mid April? Oh man. That's torture. That's even more worse than the delay of Rayman Legends :(


Hey whats the hold up in Australia? EU is getting it this week! I hear that its already been classified.

Australian Wii U Release

Hey guys,

I love the look of this game, enjoyed the first one and really want to grab it on an Australian Wii U. Got anything to announce? Please? I'm being nice and patient...

Good work on everything so far, can't wait to give it a spin.



Australian Wii U Version Released

Awesome stuff, thankyou! Currently enjoying!


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